Beneficial impact on the whole body: reduce tension.

Sports massage

An inseparable element of every athlete's training, used in professional training programs. It helps to prevent injuries, eliminates the effects of overtraining, warms up and relaxes muscles and prevents delayed muscle soreness. Uses manual therapy techniques - including deep tissue massage or the therapy of trigger points.

Time: 55 min

Price: 240 pln

Time: 25 min

Price: 140 pln

Massage of pregnant women

Massage of the whole body or places of increased pain and tension. It helps to relax, relax and remove tiredness. Delicate drainage techniques reduce swelling.


Massage is not indicated in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Time: 55 min

Price: 200 pln

Time: 25 min

Price: 110 pln

Medical massage

It is based on classical massage methods, additionally using manual therapy techniques - including deep tissue massage or trigger point therapy.

Time: 55 min

Price: 190 pln

Time: 25 min

Price: 100 pln

Manual lymphatic drainage

It is based on stimulating the lymphatic system through slow, painless movements. Effectively improves veno-lymphatic circulation and reduces swelling.

Time: 35 min

Price: 150 pln

Chinese bubble massage

The massage stimulates blood circulation, helps remove toxins and unnecessary waste products. Effectively firms and tones the skin.

Time: 45 min

Price: 190 pln

Relaxing massage

Appropriate massage techniques allow you to achieve a state of complete rest and relaxation. A gentle touch calms the body and mind.

Time: 55 min

Price: 170 pln

Aromatherapy massage - body and head

Massage based on natural essential oils allows for faster equalization of energy levels, relieves tension, reduces stress symptoms. Head massage allows for complete relaxation of the body.

Time: 55 min

Price: 220 pln

Face lift massage (Baltic Collagen)

Extremely pleasant complement to the whole body massage. Facial massage based on cosmetics from the Baltic Collagen® line improves elasticity, hydration, blood circulation and skin tone. Special massage techniques cause cell oxygenation, complete relaxation and a feeling of relaxation.

Time: 30 min

Price: 120 pln

Feet massage

Feet massage directly affects our condition, as well as the work of internal organs. The effect of massage is to relax and relax the body.

Time: 30 min

Price: 100 pln

Anti-stress massage

Neck and head massage eliminates accumulated tensions caused by stress.

Time: 15 min

Price: 50 pln

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