When your body is injured, sedentary lifestyle starts troubling you or there appears discomfort, pain or tension, physiotherapy is the most efficient medicine for your locomotor system complaints. A relevant treatment will help you remain fit and will prevent physical problems. 

GENESIS Institute is a place of modern physiotherapy, with high availability of therapeutic rooms as well as a qualified and experienced staff.



Genesis Institute is a place of modern physiotherapy. Check the offer of massages, biological regeneration treatments, physiotherapy, kinesitherapy and functional training.


Comprehensive physiotherapeutic
manual therapy

Relaxing massage

Chinese bubble massage

Manual lymphatic drainage

Sports massage




The Magnetic Field



Power showers

Underwater massage

Collagen bath

Dry or steem saun


Functional training with a physiotherapist


Physical sessions with a physiotherapist



With their rich equipment, GENESIS physiotherapy rooms enable the use of recognized methods, such as: Redcord, Kinetic Control, McKenzie, PNF etc.

Modern devices used in GENESIS guarantee the best suited treatment methods and quick recovery.

Our rooms are equipped with measuring devices, massage tables and exercise equipment. They were renovated and modernized in 2015.


Many years

of practice

Genesis Institute has more than ten years of professional experience in the area of general and sports physiotherapy.

Our experience covers the cooperation with sports players from the following teams: Arka Gdynia football club, Arka Gdynia Rugby, Gryf Wejherowo, Lotos Gdynia female basketball players and numerous individual sports players.

Our services are also provided to patients who are not professional sportspeople. We cooperate successfully with patients having various injuries – we help them recover fitness and stamina.

We are very successful as regards the treatment of numerous orthopaedic and neurological complaints, such as diseases of the cruciate ligament of the knee, slipped disk or tennis elbow.

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