Because each skin

is different

During the first consultation, a skin test is made with the use of modern equipment.

Each person obtains their own ID to monitor progress and record, among others, individually chosen recipes of cosmetics. Precise skin diagnostics and individual selection of cosmetics for each treatment guarantee an exceptional and strong effect.

In addition, after the treatment, we will choose a set of special daily care cosmetics for you, which will also make the therapy more effective.


Baltic Collagen treatments

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Baltic Collagen

Facial and body treatments

Collagen pleasure

Collagen firming and slimming theraphy

Hands and feet collagen treatment



Microneedle mesotheraphy

Microneedle mesotheraphy - hair and head

Medical peelings - Additional active substances

Feet medical peeling


Face and body treatments

Relaxing rituals

Eyebrow regulation

Express treatments



Collagen is the basic building material of the skin and connective tissue and is constantly exchanged throughout life. Over the age of 25, the collagen production balance already becomes negative, over the age 50 it reduces considerably, and after the age of 60 it stops almost entirely. 


  • flexibility and stability
  • firmness and moisture
  • smoothness and healthy look
  • resistance to fatigue and ageing processes

Collagen may be effectively used at any age and for any skin type.



Baltic Collagen©

After the treatment, you can prolong recuperation effects by using cosmetics chosen on the basis of an individual skin test and recommendations.

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